Oral surgeon - Not as scary as they sound

Tooth extraction is often a necessity that adults tend to avoid. This is mainly due to two reasons. Either they fear to go to an oral surgery specialist and face the painful prospect of tooth extraction or they try and avoid the hefty charges which might hit them. To be honest, both of these reasons are unnecessary as a tooth extraction can sometimes be a solution to many of your problems. If left unattended or delayed for no reason, a bad tooth can cause you to face quite a few gruesome consequences.

There are a number of reasons why an extraction may be needed. A common one involved in most circumstances might be a tooth that is too badly damaged from trauma of some kind, such as a fall or an accident, or decay, both of which need to be repaired. The process of extracting a tooth is rather simple.

When the extraction is scheduled, you pay a visit to your local oral surgery doctor while ensuring that the rest of the day's activities are either postponed or dealt with in advance as recovery will take some time. Once in the chair, the doctor will give you a few injections of a local anesthetic to numb the area where the bad tooth lies.

Following that will be the extraction itself. This will involve loosening the gum of the affected tooth, pulling rather hard to extract the tooth itself. You will be asked to use a sip of water to rinse off any blood that may be pouring out into your mouth to ensure no bits or pieces are swallowed mistakenly. Once done, the oral surgery specialist will place gauze in the socket and ask you to bite on it to help stop the bleeding. And that should be that to ensure you do not suffer from the massive aches or agony again.